Will Bullas' Original Paintings

Internationally collected artist Will Bullas puts the pun and fun in fine art...

3 embibing mice in a wine bar enjoying themselves. But there's a sinister element to the story...

A Classic!!!





This one is not going to last!


im: 15.5x16     fr: 20x20     $3250

Available from the

Carmel Art Association Gallery

phone: (831) 624-6176

Original watercolor painting. 2 ducks at a bar drinking red wine. One is straight, one a marionette.

what the duck?


image: 12.5x13

frame: 17x17


Available directly from the

Will Bullas Studio

phone: (831) 659-5060

Will's mouse Klaus has found an antique scale in front of a store window and is weighing his small self... Original watercolor painting.
Klaus weighs in... watercolor image: 21.5x15 frame: 30x23 $2250 Available from the Carmel Art Association Gallery phone: (831) 624-6176
Our superhero (or superchicken) is revealing his alter-ego. Original watercolor painting.

Cluck Kent...


image: 9.5x10

frame: 15x15



Liam Duck (a Scottish political term) watercolor image: 9.5x10 frame: 15x15 $1250. Available from the Carmel Art Association Gallery phone: 831-624-6176

Mr. Bullas putting the

finishing DNA glaze on

a recently completed


A crafty -looking duck ... he must be a politician.

dear daddy has

gone to war...


im: 10.5x11

fr: 15x15


Available from the

Carmel Art Association Gallery

phone: (831) 624-6176

A Will Bullas original watercolor. A baby elephant walking across a bridge pulling a toy airplane and floating a red balloon in the other (hand)
Original Will Bullas watercolor painting. A wart hog in a bar swilling beer.
beauty is in the eyes of the beerholder...


im: 6.5x7

fr: 11x11


Available from the

Carmel Art Association Gallery

phone: (831) 624-6176

Three frogs enjoying wine tasting in a bar. Will Bullas original.

the bar hoppers...

watercolor      image: 13.5x22       frame: 22x30      $3450.

Available directly from the Will Bullas Studio at 831.659.5060

spring lamb...


im: 9.5x10

fr: 15x15


Available from the


Art Association



(831) 624-6176


A Will Bullas original. A small lamb attached to a large spring suctioned to the floor. It's cuter than it sounds...

  Petite Prints


We all have a space in our kitchen or bar, bath, washroom, dining room ... that needs a spot of color. Petite prints are the answer. At 9.5"x13" they are the perfect size for that ... "it just needs something" wall.


Printed on archival paper with archival inks here in the Studio. Typeset titled and hand-signed by Will. The prints can also be personalized if you order by phone. Just call the Studio at 831.659.5060 and we'll fix you up!


You can see what we have available now on the site here or on the menu above. We'll be adding images regularly, so visit once in a while to see what's new.

A handsome pig tasting wine at his fav local.


A figurative piece ... woman in the foreground and in the background we see a man's(?) arm  lounging on a windowsill. A Will Bullas original.





Recipient of the

Windsor & Newton

Award for

Excellence in Watercolor

NWS 97th International

Open Exhibition

October 2017





by Will Bullas

Hotel California

Will Bullas original watercolor painting. An older man seated on a port deck with a large ship in the background.
Port Said


im: 15.5x16

fr: 20x20


Available  from the

Carmel Art Association Gallery

phone: (831) 624-6176




does this guy look like the old actor James Coburn or what?

"tennis hopper...", acrylic on panel

A miniature original Will Bullas being auctioned at the Monterey Museum of Art. A green frog atop a bright yellow tennis ball.
Monterey Museum of Art November 3 - December 17, 2017 Pacific Street, Monterey This year marks the 24th anniversary of Miniatures. the Monterey Museum of Art's annual fundraisng exhibition. Celebrate our local community of artists and Museum Members, who generously donate original artwork in support of the Museum. A unique opportunity to share their artistic talents with Museum guests. Miniatures 2017 will showcase paintings, photographs, prints, sculpture, and mixed media works, all on display for raffle. The Museum is grateful to the artists participating in Miniatures 2017, which helps support the Museum's dynamic exhibitions, conserve collection artworks, develop meaningful educational experiences, which serve broader audiences. Everyone has the opportunity to win their favorite Miniatures artworks by purchasing raffle tickets. Miniatures raffle tickets are $5 each, $30 for seven, or $75 for a bundle of 21 tickets. Tickets will be available for purchase from November 3 to December 17 at 5:00 p.m. Winners will be announced on our their website on December 19. Miniatures will again celebrate the artists who received the highest number of tickets in 2016, by inviting them to participate in Miniature Big Ticket. Raffle tickets for these artworks are $25 each or five tickets for $100. The opening reception is November 3rd.
A coffee mug with the Will Bullas image "the bar exam".


Will Bullas



A Will Bullas coffee mug with his image "beer ... because you can't drink bacon..." A coffee mug with the Will Bullas image "a sheep at the wheel..." on it.
A pig at a bar drinking a very tall beer. Yum. A Will Bullas art print.

Gosh, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but ...











(or looming might be a better word)



If you're thinking of a very special gift

of - let's say - a work of art for that really special someone you might ask Will to do a commissioned piece for you.

Think about it ... but don't take too long, he's starting to get busy already.


If you are interested ... call the Studio

at 831.659.5060 or

email willbullas@sbcglobal.net




Will is one of the event models! He picked Edna Turnblad from Hairspray! He's at his first fitting.

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