So nice to see the sun again. I know I'm a bit spoiled living in California and I shouldn't complain but ... the winter was cold and very wet and I'm glad it's over!


With the weather being so yucky I had time to knit and I just finished putting the lining in this bag. I'm pretty happy with it! I've been admiring Sophie Digard's work (she's a french textile artist - check her out on Pinterest) so there's a little riffing on her work in my newest bags. I have 2 more on the drawing board now... I'll show you when I'm finished.


Other than knitting - now that the sun is out there's a ton of weeding to do - good mindless chore but necessary. I put the herb garden in and have  a ton of volunteer borage coming up from last year. I used the flowers for salads last year but don't know what to do with all the leaf. Anyone have any suggestions?!? And we have 22 quail eggs in the incubator so the coming weeks will be busy with chicks.


Hope all is well with all of you. Drop a line, I'm interested in what you are doing!