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"I have always had a passion for bookstores loaded with thousands of the very latest marketing images. Each cover meant to assist in the purpose of selling all the words within. Some subtle, some over-the-top, some old friends in a new suit, and some new friends to be. Some crudely simple and some very complicated, some even in 3-D.

     Each meant to sell a book. Each having an amazing glory unto itself. Each with a badge of credibility just by virtue of being in a bookstore. So much more than, 'I meant to do that'.

     Book Alikes are my 'delicious distractions'. They serve as both fantasy and my endless love of the act of creating, especially painting.

     They are meant to look like books with titles of pure fantasy, but often including classics with a twist. They are uniquely 'one-of-a-kind'. Prints are not available, but requests are most welcome."

Mixed Media


Small - 10x6 - $400

Large (square) - 12x12 - $550

These show at both the

Carmel Art Association Gallery


Carmel Valley Art Association Gallery

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